The Lion in Winter

Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

DCT’s Fall Production 2023
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About the play:

In its 50th year, Dunnville Community Theatre is proud to stage James Goldman’s classic play “The Lion in Winter.”

DCT is back on stage with something a little different: a historical (and sometimes hysterical) drama.

The year is 1183 AD.  Henry II, the aging king of England, has brought his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, from her prison to share the Christmas holiday with himself and their children.

Henry’s mistress, Alias whose dowry is the valuable county of Vixen, has been promised in marriage to his son Richard, and Philip, King of France, is on his way to demand the wedding.

Eleanor wants Richard to have the throne. 
Henry wants John to have the throne.

And to complicate things – everybody has knives all the time and there’s some real schemers in the group.


Who gets the Vexin? Who gets the Aquitaine? Who is to inherit the kingdom? Who gets to marry Alais?

Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone?

Not bloody likely.

And you thought your family Christmases could be awkward…

The cast of characters:
  • Henry II – first Plantagenet: Obtuse, Stubborn and Powerful – a man of many accomplishments.
    Sometimes called a cold and bloody bastard
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: Determined, Devious and sometimes Delightful – a woman of great power and property.
    – Sometimes referred to as a democratic drawbridge
  • Richard the Lionheart – Warrior, Leader and Mama’s boy – a man of contradictions and great capabilities.
    – Sometimes called an unnatural animal
  • Geoffrey the second remaining son – Clever, Scheming and manipulative – a man who wants to be the man behind the King.
    – Sometimes referred to as a device- made of wheels and gears.
  • John the family dunce – Naive, Trouble maker and Papa’s boy – a 16 year old with very few working faculties who loves to be a nuisance.
    Sometimes referred to as a walking pustule.
  • Alais, daughter of King Louis of France – Betrothed to Richard, Mistress to Henry and Sister to King Philip of France – the only pawn in a castle full of master chess pieces.
    Often referred to as poor Alais.
  • Philip King of France – Fresh to the throne & determined to make his mark. He has a deep hatred of Henry and a love of Richard. Both of these feelings work against him.
    Frequently referred to as boy

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