Tickets for NEXT:

Tickets may be purchased at Art Service located at 152 Queen St, Dunnville or on-line – powered by Zeffy – below. There is no additional fee for on-line purchases however, Zeffy does ask for a donation. You will see donation options in the box after the ticket total but before the final total. Hit the down arrow at the right to choose an option. “Other” will allow you to enter the amount you would like to give.

Countryside catering will provide an excellent buffet meal at each location and at each location there will be a CASH bar. Now that you know, please choose a ticket option. We look forward to seeing you!

Dunnville RCAF #6 Museum. Options for this venue are June 14 or June 15

Fisherville District Lions’ Community Centre. June 22 only

Jarvis Lions’ Community Centre. September 14 only

Registration & Auditions

DCT is looking for 15 actors to play characters from the ages of 18-80 in our home grown 1 Act Play called NEXT.

You may register for an audition by coming to our registration session on Monday January 15th from 6:30-9:30 pm at the Optimist Hall of Dunnville OR you may request a registration form by e-mailing
Why come in person? You get to meet the writers, ask questions and introduce yourself in person. You will also get a look at our rehearsal space.

The play will be performed at these places on these dates:

  • Dunnville Airport Museum RCAF#6: June 14 & 15, 2024
  • Fisherville Lions’ Community Centre: June 22, 2024
  • Jarvis Lions’ Community Centre: September 14, 2024

Most characters will have dialogue of 3-5 minutes so this is a great place to begin if you are new to the stage.

We hope to see you come out and join what should be a fantastic event!

If you have any questions that are not answered here you can call

DCT’s 2023 Season

2023 opened with Having Hope at Home a funny & charming story of a daughter wishing to give birth at home, while trying to convince her obstetrician father that it was the right choice to make.

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration DCT entered a float into the Dunnville Mudcat parade this year. The theme was Rock & Roll. We did our best to represent rocks stars from the last 5 decades. We may have fallen a little short but we sure had fun!

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Liz Koster and the loan of the great trailer from Ed Robinson Homes and the Art work from our pal Judy, the float looked pretty good.

Drama Camp 2023 was a great success again this year. We had 2 great classes and 3 awesome sponsors (The Rotary Club of Dunnville, Hauser’s Pharmacy & Wes Moodie Realty) to make this happen. And once again we had lots of learning and even more fun! Don’t miss this annual event. Last 2 weeks of every August.

For our Fall production we choose to do The Lion in Winter. A period piece with great costumes and lots of drama. There was also excellent humour in this play with truly wonderful performances by the hard working and talented cast. The venue – Knox Presbyterian church in Dunnville provided an atmosphere that made the audience feel like they were actually in a castle. We also had great sponsors for this show.

DCT presents: NEXT

A homegrown play by Dunnville Community Theatre

Come and join us in “Bernie’s Place” to be part of this entertainment experience where the “Audience is not Just the Audience“.  Local musicians and a catered meal add to the enjoyment.  Doors will be open at 6:15. There will be a CASH bar at each location.

  • Dunnville:   June 14, 2024 – Darcy Feaver
  • Dunnville:   June 15, 2024 – Eric Price
  • Fisherville:  June 22, 2024 – Mike Miron
  • Jarvis:           Sept 14, 2024 – Jarvis Lions’ Nightclub Singers
  • Catered Countryside Catering at each location

The story we will share in each of these places, is a humorous look at the multi-sided influences of loss, loneliness and courage.  It will have you laughing outrageously and crying quietly.  

What’s it about?
When 12 lonely people, at loose ends in their lives attend a disorganized speed dating event, at a local pub, it takes a missing person and Tom Jones to help them see that they might be in the wrong place at the right time.

For just a tiny glimpse behind the scenes:!

Come on out and join the fun!

The Lion in Winter

DCT’s Fall Production 2023
Ticket information & purchasing options: Yes Please!
Show me the menu: Absolutely!

About the play:

In its 50th year, Dunnville Community Theatre is proud to stage James Goldman’s classic play “The Lion in Winter.”

DCT is back on stage with something a little different: a historical (and sometimes hysterical) drama.

The year is 1183 AD.  Henry II, the aging king of England, has brought his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, from her prison to share the Christmas holiday with himself and their children.

Henry’s mistress, Alias whose dowry is the valuable county of Vixen, has been promised in marriage to his son Richard, and Philip, King of France, is on his way to demand the wedding.

Eleanor wants Richard to have the throne. 
Henry wants John to have the throne.

And to complicate things – everybody has knives all the time and there’s some real schemers in the group.


Who gets the Vexin? Who gets the Aquitaine? Who is to inherit the kingdom? Who gets to marry Alais?

Merry Christmas and God bless us everyone?

Not bloody likely.

And you thought your family Christmases could be awkward…

The cast of characters:
  • Henry II – first Plantagenet: Obtuse, Stubborn and Powerful – a man of many accomplishments.
    Sometimes called a cold and bloody bastard
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine: Determined, Devious and sometimes Delightful – a woman of great power and property.
    – Sometimes referred to as a democratic drawbridge
  • Richard the Lionheart – Warrior, Leader and Mama’s boy – a man of contradictions and great capabilities.
    – Sometimes called an unnatural animal
  • Geoffrey the second remaining son – Clever, Scheming and manipulative – a man who wants to be the man behind the King.
    – Sometimes referred to as a device- made of wheels and gears.
  • John the family dunce – Naive, Trouble maker and Papa’s boy – a 16 year old with very few working faculties who loves to be a nuisance.
    Sometimes referred to as a walking pustule.
  • Alais, daughter of King Louis of France – Betrothed to Richard, Mistress to Henry and Sister to King Philip of France – the only pawn in a castle full of master chess pieces.
    Often referred to as poor Alais.
  • Philip King of France – Fresh to the throne & determined to make his mark. He has a deep hatred of Henry and a love of Richard. Both of these feelings work against him.
    Frequently referred to as boy

Postcards from DCT

Welcome to Postcards from DCT Our series starts here

This is DCT’s Live Theatre Video blog‘s main page. We will do our best to entertain, inform and enthrall you with all things “Live Theatre” here. That may be very ambitious of us and we know it. We are new at this side of the twenty first century’s restrictions & ever evolving forms of communication, so be patient and kind with us. Your feed back is welcome!

“Mike Maloney – Centre Stage one Last Time”
DCT wishes to honour the memory of our long-time, much beloved member, Marvin “Mike” James Maloney

This video, a special postcard from DCT, was lovingly made in coalition with East Haldimand Hospice & Dragonfly Wishes.

Postcards from DCT – “Season 1 Wrap Up-with everyone who was on camera”
Every member of the cast & crew gives their thoughts on this project. Over-all impressions – IT WAS FUN!
Postcards from DCT episode 10 “Return to Grimm Reality”
What happened to all those unhappy actors and that pig? A very happy ending of course!

DCT owes BARN 11 PRODUCTIONS a huge debt of gratitude. Without their expertise, patience and guidance through out this entire project we would not have been able to create, learn and grow as successfully as we did in this new endeavor. Also they sponsored this episode.

Thank you awesome

Postcards from DCT episode 9 “Directors”
What is almost everyone’s favourite job in live theatre? The answer may surprise some of you.
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Postcards from DCT episode 8 “Fairytales”
Claire dreams of childhood stories and it goes horribly wrong.

This episode of Postcards from DCT was generously sponsored by Ed Robinson Homes. Thank you Ed!

Postcards from DCT Episode 7 “Our Audience”
We asked our audience members what they liked or didn’t like about DCT. Many of them said the same thing “Me? On camera? I’m too shy!”
Linda Leslie our sponsor

Linda has been a licensed Realtor since 2014 and has won the Royal LePage Director’s Gold & Platinum Awards on multiple occasions. 
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Postcards from DCT Episode 6 “The Producers”
What does a producer do? Why would this experience be good for you and your resume? The answers may surprise you.

When Dunnville Community Theatre needed insurance, including Director’s insurance, Peter Dieleman & Associates were there to help us.  Peter’s team provided fast, friendly and very informative assistance.  We are happy to receive their proud sponsorship of this episode of “Postcards from DCT”.  If you have insurance, investment or financial advisory needs, give the Co-operators a call at 905 774 7576.  The Co-operators have locations in both Caledonia and Dunnville. Check out their website at Peter Dieleman & Associates Inc – The Co-operators (

Postcards from DCT Episode 5 “Famous Actors”
Almost everybody wishes they were a famous actor at some point in their life. Which actors do actors wish they were? Which actor would you like to be?

This episode of Postcards from DCT was not sponsored. If you would like to sponsor an episode please visit our Contact page.

Postcards from DCT Episode 4 “BACK STAGE”
What is the second most important job in live theatre? The answer will surprise you.

This episode of Postcards from DCT was generously sponsored by Green Heron Veterinary Service.
Green Heron – Bringing Animal Care to Farm & Home
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Postcards from DCT Episode 3 “Who was your favorite character to play AND what is your favorite play?”
Find out what actors think about the characters they love to play and the plays they love best

This episode of Postcards from DCT was sponsored by Peter’s Engine & Rental Centre 851 North Shore Drive, Dunnville. Let the friendly staff at Peter’s Engine help you with their sales and service excellence. Check out their website to see what they’re all about

Postcards from DCT Episode 2 “What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you on stage?”
Some surprising things can happen when you’re on stage!
Liz Koster Head shot

This episode of Postcards from DCT was sponsored by Liz Koster, Royal LePage Real Estate Broker and long-time supporter of Dunnville Community Theatre.  To find out more about Liz and how she could help you find your dream home or help you sell your current home check out her website or call her at 905-574-4600

Welcome to our introductory Videoblog entitled “How Did We Get Here”

This short film is our maiden voyage into a ocean of theatrical entertainment and information. We hope you enjoy it and continue to follow us on this journey. Be sure to watch to the very end – there’s something to learn and laugh about there too. As always, we would love your feedback!

To gain audience interest before starting the series we made two promotional videos and we really hope you enjoy them. We certainly enjoyed making them. Let’s grow together in this playful adventure.

Promotional video one – Thank You Dunnville!
Promotional Video two – What do Theatrical People do when they have no stage?

Our series “Postcards from DCT” will start appearing here on October 6th. A new one will be posted every other week. We welcome your comments and involvement. If you are interested in becoming part of our Video team please fill out this form to say “I want to be involved” on the Become part of DCT page of our new website. We will welcome you!

We wish to thank The Ontario Trillium Foundation’s Resilient Communities Fund for making this possible.

Community Involvement

Marching our banner down Broad street for the Mudcat Festival

DCT enjoys the community in which we live and because of that we work to be part of it. We strive to be a valued part of our beautiful town’s commonwealth, work to be involved with other organizations and recognize the importance of contributing to community events.

In 2022 we made a humble effort at being part of the always fun Mudcat Parade by marching our banner and pulling a wagon full of candy, water, and business cards.

In 2023 we made a grand effort to launch a float full of famous rock icons and we thought it went quite well.  However we do it, DCT is very proud to be part of this beautiful town and its marvellous celebrations.

Every year since COVID left us all home alone, DCT has produced a Christmas video. Please enjoy them even if it’s not the right time of year or a holiday you celebrate.

Wishing all our members, fans and supporters a happy & heathy holiday!

In the first year of Covid-19 restrictions we could not launch a production and started discussing the possibilities of doing Videoblogs. We put our corporation’s house in order and submitted an OTF grant under the Resilient Communities Fund. Then we sat back to wait. We’re not very good at waiting so we decided to give 1 small video a try just to say “Happy Holidays”. We missed our fans and families and just wanted to convey something happy and hopeful to the community. We were pretty happy with this video and in many ways it spurred us on with its whisperings of “Videoblog, Videoblog, wherefore art thou Videoblog?”

Happy Holidays from DCT

Nurses week arrived after we had news from the Ontario Trillium Fund that we had been awarded a grant but at that point it was still hush hush. We could not move forward with any plans until we got the go ahead. We have a great nurse on our board – Kathryn Stengel– and a another great nurse –Loretta Ward – who volunteers to photograph us, so we definitely appreciate nurses and wanted to add our shout out. Jordan dug his equipment out and made another short video from DCT.

Thank you Nurses!