Tickets for NEXT:

This play which has been 1 year in the making, takes a comical look at SPEED DATING which is experiencing a resurgence in direct response to lonely singles’ frustration with dating apps..

We have a wonderful cast of Characters who have been working hard. We had excellent venues – in Dunnville and Fisherville. Jarvis will be no exception, their hall is beautiful. We have a fantastic caterer and this event will be licensed under the AGCO. And so our story continues to what’s NEXT

To purchase tickets for your last chance to see NEXT, hit the link to Jarvis below.

Tickets may be purchased at Art Service located at 152 Queen St, Dunnville or on-line – powered by Zeffy – below. There is no additional fee for on-line purchases however, Zeffy does ask for a donation. You will see donation options in the box after the ticket total but before the final total. Hit the down arrow at the right to choose an option. “Other” will allow you to enter the amount you would like to give.

Jarvis Lions’ Community Centre. September 14 only

Countryside catering will provide an excellent buffet meal once again in Jarvis. There will be a CASH bar. Tickets must be purchased 6 days in advance (for the caterer’s information). We look forward to seeing you!