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Spring 2023 production news

On a winter night in a drafty farmhouse a baby is about to arrive, but modern medicine meets midwifery head on in a torrent of family feuding. As tensions rise between three dysfunctional generations, so does laughter. It takes a baby to heal the rift in this funny, heartwarming story of forgiveness and hope.

Playwright David S. Craig shows us how the human heart sometimes takes the longest way home in this sometimes-side-splitting look at a family learning to love again.

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“Let’s cut right to the marrow. Having Hope at Home is a big-hearted comedy that will leave you in tears—tears of compassion and recognition as well as tears of laughter. ” —Waterloo Record

Cast of Characters 
Carolyn (Caro) BinghamThe pregnant young mother – Played by Dana Hauser
Michael (Mish) CharbonneauCarolyn’s life mate – a French Canadian man just trying to keep his pregnant darling relaxed and happy – Played by Gordon Huffman
Russell (Gramps) Bingham   Carolyn’s grandfather – a wisecracking old curmudgeon with whom both Carolyn and her husband live – Played by Lee Smith
Jane BinghamCarolyn’s mother – a woman who is tired of trying to keep the peace – Played by Ellie Bloomfield
William (Bill) BinghamCarolyn’s father – a somewhat controlling parent – Played by Dr Darrell Baker
Dawn ShawThe midwife – a secret Carolyn has been keeping from her parents – Played by Hailey Gibb
What a great cast of characters!

Having Hope at Home was commissioned by the Blyth Festival (Janet Amos, Artistic
Director) and subsequently developed by the Lighthouse Theatre, Port Dover (Robert More,
Artistic Director).
The play premiered August 7, 2003 at the Blyth Festival, Blyth, Ontario (Eric Coates, Artistic Director). Having Hope at Home is produced by permission of the Playwright and Marquis Literary (Colin Rivers) www.MQlit.ca

Show Dates:

The play will take place over 2 consecutive weekends: May 12, 13, 14 and May 19, 20, 21 and will be performed in Knox Presbyterian Church. We really appreciate the opportunity to perform in this beautiful space!

Special consideration:

Yes, Mother’s day is on the 14th and wouldn’t it be nice to take your mother out for breakfast and then treat her to a fun filled matinee?
Yes May 19-21 is a long weekend but wouldn’t it be nice to take a break in the middle of spring cleaning and enjoy an excellent show in a beautiful venue?

Show times:

Friday evening shows:  Doors open at 6:20, shows starts at 7:00
Saturday dinner theatre: Doors open at 5:20, dinner served at 6:00, show starts at 8:00. Beer and Wine will be available
Show Only Tickets are available on Saturday evenings (general admission applies)
Sunday matinees: Doors open at 1:20 shows start at 2:00


Saturday evenings: Dinner seating is assigned on a first bought – first allocated basis. Dinner Theatre patrons will reserve their show seats in the sanctuary before dinner. Show only patrons may choose the non-reserved seats on a first come – first served basis.
All other shows: Seating will be on a first come – first seated basis. Patrons with special seating requirements should come early.

Ticket pricing:

We are sorry to say our ticket prices must rise due to the increased cost of, well, everything. The price of your ticket includes HST.
General admission……….$25 (Applies to all Saturday Show Only tickets)
Students and Seniors…..$22 (No discount on Saturdays)
Dinner Theatre…………….$72 (Dinners are catered by Debb’s Cuisine and are always fabulous)

Tickets available from Art Service – 152 Queen Street, Dunnville. Call 905-774-7695 to reserve.
Dinner Theatre tickets must be purchased at least 2 weeks in advance.
(We do recommend buying early as Dinner Theatres always sell out. )

E-transfers are available for your convenience by e-mailing:

For more information e-mail us at:

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    1. Hi Wendi,
      Thanks for reaching out. Tickets are available at Art Service in Dunnville. You can pick them up there if you are in town – 152 Queen St, or you can phone them to reserve – ask for Sheila – 905-774-7695 or you can secure your tickets through an e-trans action by e-mailing tickets@dct73.com.
      We look forward to seeing you at the show!

  1. Can we get show tickets, for Saturday May 20
    Dinner is out of our price range
    I need 7 ticket

    1. Hi Tracey,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      You sure can get show only tickets! We know that our pricing has increased significantly and understand that this will affect many people who would normally attended Dinner Theatre. After analyzing the costs of the last production we found we could not maintain the same pricing and we’re sorry about that.

      To get your tickets, please use tickets@dct73.com for transfers. Alternatively you can go to Art Service to pick up tickets.

        1. Hi Rhonda,

          A person needs to be 65 or over to be considered a senior at DCT.
          *Please note that our new prices include HST because we will be charged HST under the terms of our royalties contract.
          Thank you for your inquiry.

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