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Guy checking glasses for dirt

What should you keep your eyes out for at DCT? – Not a good scrub that’s for sure.

You might give your eyes a good cleaning while they’re out but -WARNING – they’re really hard to get back in and if you mix the right and left balls – well then – you’re in for a mess of somethin’.

But here is something that’s coming up that can’t hurt you. It’s good
a series we hope you enjoy.

  • Our podcast series called Postcards from DCT. This series is made up of 2 segments:
    • The 1st is called “Close to the Curtain”
      • These are between 8 and 15 minutes long
      • They are informative with a twist of fun to each
      • Episodes 8 & 10 are actually little plays.
    • The 2nd is called “Dramatic Moments”
      • These last about 1-2 minutes and are both interesting and entertaining.

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