Utter Nonsense

Ugly cartoon cow

This collection of short videos are for entertainment only. No cows were harmed in their making – they were udderly against it. DCT however, is utterly interested in your comments.

How to have fun without cows

If Covid-19 isolation has taught me anything it’s that I have a very immature mind that produces mountains of utter nonsense. I am a very sharing person so here you go and don’t say I never gave you anything (including a headache):

A special thanks to Ken Leavoy who pointed me to this video editor. I’ve been having fun with it. Thanks Ken!

This first set of videos come from a series entitle Approximately 6 seconds of Obvious Advice”.

Good advice!
From someone with a vast amount of experience
Did you know Shrews are just shrews – not rodents at all
My vacuum works great but my vocabulary sometimes needs help
It’s barely worth thinking about

This next set of videos come from a series entitled “Approximately 6 seconds of Pointless Pondering” and boy is it!

Peter Piper’s love life – don’t worry about it
I just can’t wait that long for a pony tail
My math was never that good.
There is no good answer for this
An obviously rhetorical question….

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